Friday, July 9, 2010

I Need Ego

I've been carrying on an infatuation with a coffee cup for what seems like forever... it's so perfect, so very, very asymmetrically perfect.  It's by Iittala from the Ego line, and I can't get my mind off it. Pristine white porcelain designed by Stefan Lindfors of Finland, it has this lovely off center stance, balanced by a wideset handle that touches down lightly on the saucer.  I could write it a poem, I love it so.

There's a stunning photo of it here (all gorgeously lit and romantic):  I open my coffee cup cabinet, see my mismatched mugs and envision a pristine row of Iittala Ego coffee cups and saucers in their place.  Poor chipped, wrong sized, rotten old mugs haven't got a chance of ever holding my affection when there's a cup like the Ego in the world.  Only trouble is, good grief, they're spendy.  $40 for one cup and saucer.  One.  My love remains unrequited.


Leslie July 9, 2010 at 7:45 PM  

When is your birthday? Have a birthday party for your friends and ONLY ask for a cup and saucer. You'll end up with the whole set!

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