Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clancy's Restaurant, New Orleans

Well, my camera has broken, which is very disappointing.  Because of that, I feel I cannot blog.  Yes, I am excellent at excuses.  We used Kid Cayenne's Blackberry for these (rather poor) photos.

Last week, we ate at Clancy's for the first time.  It was nice, though very traditional and hmm, a bit boring.

I had the house smoked duck, which I thought was awesome and possibly the most tasty duck I've ever eaten.  Unfortunately, it was served with only a few slices of squash, asparagus and a bit of slightly overcooked pasta with butter and herb.

Kid Cayenne had a filet mignon with bernaise sauce, which came with fried potatoes and asparagus.  Nothing to write home about.

The desserts were actually quite nice.  I had a lemon icebox cake which was perfectly tart and lovely.  I could really go for another slice of that at any given moment.

Kid had a really, really good brownie a la mode.

All in all, Clancy's seems like a good place for a comforting weeknight dinner.  It has that wonderful Uptown neighborhood feel.  It is pricey but the service is excellent and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting.  Expect to be looked after very well and to feel at home.  Expect to eat a good meal.  Don't expect it to be excellent or very interesting.

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