Friday, November 13, 2009

Epic Food Blog Fail

I suck at this. Since my last post... eh, 3 months ago?... I have been to Houston, where I had a great Thai curry, Biloxi, where I attended the Gumbo Cook Off and Berlin, Germany where I had the most exceptional meals. I'm not kidding. Exceptional. Life changing bouillabaisse at KaDeWe, apple strudel and hot chocolate poured straight over dense whipped cream at Cafe Einstein, the best Argentine steak of my life at Grill Royale, the most luxurious lunch experience ever at Facil and my first döner kebab. Back in New Orleans, I have enjoyed wonderful, wonderful meals at Lilette, The Green Goddess and 9 Roses in the past few weeks.

Have I documented any of these meals? No. Not a one. I took the random photo here and there, but for the most part, I have severely neglected my duties.

I resolve to do better.


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